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Cigarette smokers with coronary heart disease are also at twice the risk for sudden cardiac death as nonsmokers with coronary heart disease. In fact, according tothe American College of Radiology, radiation therapy maysometimes be used on the brain even when no cancer has been detected in "this vitalsite." 28.

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Exposure to cigarette smoke doubles your risk of developing macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness. If you quit, it will be easier for your partner to quit. Cigarette smoking causes carbon monoxide to seep into your blood, which limits the amount of oxygen it can carry to your heart, lungs, and muscles.

Obligatory Amy Winehouse mention here: In 2008, she emerged from the hospital with early signs of emphysema—possibly crack-induced—and lit up a cigarette. You'll have more dining and barhopping options on overseas vacations. Studies have shown that daily smoking is linked to the risk of developing psoriasis.

England, France, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico are among the exciting destinations now 100% smoke-free in restaurants and bars. The higher the number of cigarettes over 20 smoked per day, the greater that risk. Your chance of having cold hands and feet will go down...

New Jersey, Vermont, and Connecticut are among the states leaning harder on smokers for revenue, but even some tobacco-growing states are beginning to milk the coffin-nail cash cow. If you take cigarette breaks in a tall building, you'll take more elevator rides. According to Green, washing machines suck up 21.7 percent of household water usage. Ergo, you'll save water and reduce your electricity bill. The price for a smoker of the same age:1.46 per month. Smoking may advance the arrival of menopause in women by several years. Cigarette smoke contains some 4,000 chemical agents. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) National Workrights Institute estimates that there are more than 6,000 companies in the U. that attempt to regulate off-duty smoking and other private behavior.

Lawmakers' reasoning: There is evidence that price increases cause smokers to reduce consumption. New research suggests cigarettes are crawling with germs, which can be inhaled along with the smoke. Employers are increasingly offering incentives—such as gift cards, premium discounts, or cash—to employees who participate in smoking cessation programs. Quitting is a plausible excuse to play computer games. Women smokers have been found to lose 2.3% to 3.3% of bone mineral density for every 10 pack-years of tobacco use. Let this guy's story of a smoke break that turned into a 41-hour captivity be a cautionary tale. That's pure, actuarial math—the increased risk of dyingthat the smoker presents to the insurance company and that the company thenpasses on to the smoker. ..your life insurance company may even bribe you to quit. Secondhand smoke is now believed to be a risk factor for children to develop asthma; it also contributes to respiratory infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis) and ear infections, as well as coughing, wheezing, and decreased lung function. If you're pregnant, you can leave the 70% of pregnant smokers who can't quit in your dust.

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